Advantages of open youth centers

  • Special attention is paid to a young person with comparatively limited opportunities for personal expression and involvement in social life (with less opportunities as well as belonging to a more vulnerable layer of the population).
  • Involvement of a wide circle of youth, particularly those young people, who do not find themselves in the activities of school, youth organization, or service, is enabled (e.g. price, measures).
  • Focusing on a young person as a person as well as special attention to mutual trust. It cannot be afforded by any “commercial” competitor. Also not a huge success in the fields, where programs must be “desperately” implemented.
  • Promoting social networks as well as entering into relations between youth (and groups thereof).
  • A chance for youth to rebuild a “tolerable” relation with the residential environment, where particular youth groups are considered to be “stirrers of trouble” and not welcome.
  • Solving conflict situations focused on the welfare of community (neighborhood) that a young person belongs to. Consulting the parties in conflict situations, maintaining the dialogue, and offering assistance in search for solutions.
  • Premises that are relatively not too much overloaded with the rules and accommodated for various types of activities; safe atmosphere created.

Developing open work with youth, in these latter years in various municipalities in Lithuania activities were started by approximately 15 various youth centers for non-motivated youth, established and supported by municipal as well as non-governmental organizations, which work based on the principles and methodology of open work with youth. Open youth spaces are actively built in Lithuania as well. The Department of Youth Affairs handed over necessary equipment and renders necessary assistance (methodical, informational, etc.) to such centers for the purposes of organization of activities of the center.