Commission for Youth and Sport Affairs of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania

Commission for Youth and Sport Affairs (hereinafter referred to as the Commission) concerns about the rights of youth, implementation of the state youth policy, gives suggestions on implementation of objectives thereof, performs parliamentary control, listens to the announcements of ministries and other state institutions (Department of Youth Affairs, Department of Physical Culture and Sports), as well as assesses the information received.  The Commission is constituted in the manner prescribed by the Statute of the Seimas in accordance with the proportional representation principle of the fractions of the Seimas. The Commission follows the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, Statute of the Seimas, other standard legislation, and regulations, approved by the resolution of the Seimas.

The Commission has the following tasks:

1) to concern about framing and implementing the state youth policy;

2) to concern about framing and implementing the state sports policy.

In pursuance of its tasks, the Commission shall:

1) deal with the learning, training, science, studies, education, non-formal education, municipal work with youth, social and health care problems of youth;

2) deal with problems of military age youth and rural youth;

3) deal with the problems in regard to prevention of drug addiction and other forms of addiction as well as crime control among youth;

4) deal with the problems of work and employment, provision for dwelling, as well as young families;

5) analyze priority trends for developing physical culture and sports, financing potential, and activities as well as activity results of responsible institutions and organizations;

6) analyze the efficiency of physical preparation of pupils, students, soldiers, and other layers of population, as well as suggest the ways to improve the same;

7) deal with the problems of developing student sports clubs and sports bases of colleges;

8) give suggestions on preparation of specialists of physical culture and sports, in-service training thereof, development of material sports base, international cooperation in youth and sports areas, as well as such other matters;

9) keep in touch with parliamentary institutions for youth and sports affairs of other countries, Lithuanian and foreign youth and sports non-governmental organizations;

10) give suggestions to the Seimas, the Government, and other institutions on adoption and improvement of legal acts governing youth and sports affairs;

11) analyze the state of standard legal acts governing youth and sports affairs as well as whether these acts meet the requirements of the laws.

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