Integrated youth policy


As mentioned above, youth policy is developed in two directions. First, ensuring the interests of youth in individual fields of public policy – education and science, culture, sports, work and employment, dwelling, health care, etc. Second, youth activities aimed at enabling young people to learn from experience and experiment (voluntariness, independence, autonomy).

Integrated youth policy is required with the view of successful implementation of youth policy. It could be stated that youth policy is integrated, if interdepartmental and intersectoral cooperation structures, unanimous database of young people and institutions working with them, combination of activity priorities of different institutions, as well as recruitment of human and material resources is available.

Developing the structure of youth policy in Lithuania based on the best practice of foreign countries and adopting the State Youth Policy Conception, the State Council of Youth Affairs was established by parity principle with a view to ensure interdepartmental and intersectoral cooperation in the field of youth policy. The Council of Youth Affairs, constituted by parity principle and having a deliberative vote, is currently operating under the Department of Youth Affairs. The Law on Youth Policy Framework also establishes fields of the implementation of youth policy (civic responsibility and performance of conscription, non-formal education, social and health care, etc.), principles of the implementation of youth policy (parity, interdepartmental co-ordination, participation, etc.), which serve as the foundation in developing and implementing an integrated youth policy both at a national and local level.

Preparing and implementing legal acts and programs in the field of youth policy, the Ministry of Social Security and Labor as well as the Department of Youth Affairs invite the institutions and organizations concerned as well as representatives of youth to gather into joint working groups, meetings, and discussions with the view of general understanding and concurrence in developing an integrated youth policy in Lithuania.

In 2009 – 2013, the Department of Youth Affairs, developing an integrated youth policy in Lithuania, implements the projects “Promoting the partnership between national and non-governmental sectors in order to implement integrated youth policy” and “Developing integrated youth policy” in accordance with the measure “Promoting cooperation between national and non-governmental sectors” of Priority 4 “Fostering administrative competences and increasing efficiency of public administration” of Human Resources Development Operational Program (2007-2013). The aim of these projects is to foster the national sector working in the field of youth policy; non-governmental sector working with youth; develop, promote, and foster the forms of cooperation between the national and non-governmental sectors.

Further information on these projects as well as results thereof is available on: under “JRD projektai” (“Projects of the Department of Youth Affairs”).