Information analysis and research

The Department of Youth Affairs performs periodical youth situation research in Lithuania. One of the key objectives of such research is to analyze to what extent youth is distinguished as an individual part of society as well as perceived as an exceptional social group. The objective is also to find out the problems of youth, activity of youth in society, moral values or young people, as well as general assessment of situation in Lithuania. The first such research was carried out in 1997 by Vilnius Municipal Youth Affairs Council. With reference to the information, received during the course of research, the Department of Youth Affairs plans activities and selects measures for solving delicate problems of youth.

With the view of conceptual changes in compiling and systemizing information on youth as well as making timely decisions, to solve youth problems the Department of Youth Affairs cooperates with universities in the field of research on youth matters. For that purpose, the data on the research related to youth, carried out by national governmental institutions and universities, was compiled in 2008. With reference to the European example as well as recommendations of the European Union, the objective is to establish a network of youth researches in Lithuania at a national level.

Compilation of information and performance of analyses are annually carried out for the European Commission as to implementation of priorities, raised in the field of the EU youth policy ES (involvement and information of youth, voluntariness, and better knowledge of youth), in Lithuania. The Department of Youth Affairs is engaged in the activities of the European Knowledge Center for Youth Policy (EKCYP). EKCYP is continually furnished with updated information on the national youth policy in cooperation with the state and other institutions, non-governmental youth organizations and other entities working with youth.

In the municipalities the situation of youth policy is researched as per quality assessment methodology for implementation of youth policy in municipalities. Implementing the EU funded project “Promoting the partnership between national and non-governmental sectors in order to implement integrated youth policy” by the Department of Youth Affairs, the aforementioned methodology for implementing youth policy in municipalities was improved as well as the methodology for researching youth problems was worked out; research of youth problems in 7 municipalities was carried out in accordance with this methodology. Implementing the EU funded project “Developing integrated youth policy” by the Department of Youth Affairs, research of youth problems in the rest 53 municipalities in Lithuania will be carried out during 2011-2012 as well as comparative analysis of youth problems of all researches, carried out in 60 municipalities in Lithuania, will be performed, which, as expected, will become a solid tool in framing a knowledge and fact based youth policy in Lithuania.

The purpose of periodically performed researches and analyses in the field of youth policy is to frame and implement a fact and knowledge based youth policy at a national and local level.

Further information on researches, carried out in the field of youth, is available on: under “Informacija apie jaunimą” (“Information on Youth”).