International cooperation

The Department of Youth Affairs together with various countries performs international cooperation in the field of youth policy. International relations as well as cooperation is maintained and developed with the European Union as well as other states with a view to exchange good practice with the institutions of other states that implement youth policy, thereby contributing to framing of the evidence based youth policy as well as implementation thereof in Lithuania. In regard to some countries Lithuania is considered to intercept experience (Federal Republic of Germany, Welsh Land of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Flemish Community of the Kingdom of Belgium), in regard to other countries – a partner of equal value (Republic of Estonia, Republic of Latvia, Kingdom of Norway, Japan, Republic of Poland (Lithuanian-Polish Youth Exchange Fund)), or to convey its good practice (South Caucasus, Eastern European countries).

International cooperation takes place on the following subjects: introduction of quality standards to training (self-training) of youth workers / youth leaders; consolidation of youth representing structures; methods of work with youth; international youth cooperation; interception and application of good practice; information and involvement of youth; development of youth enterprise; work with youth at local self-governmental level, etc. Events (seminars, educational visits, visits to intercept good practice, expert consultations, various meetings, etc.) are used as a measure to fulfill specific changes in development of youth policy.

The Department of Youth Affairs represents the Lithuanian youth policy in the European Union and European Council working groups, meetings (European Union Supervisory Committee of Youth Policy, Youth Working Group of the Council of the European Union (Education / Youth / Culture), Baltic Sea States-Expert Group on Youth Affairs, meetings of the European Network of Youth Knowledge (EuNYK), working groups of the European Knowledge Center for Youth Policy (EKCYP), meetings of the European Steering Committee for Youth (CDEJ) and managing directors of youth).

The Agency of International Youth Co-operation administers the EU program “Youth in Action” in Lithuania. The program provides young people (13-30 year old) with the possibilities of non-formal education as well as financial grants for the projects, initiated and implemented by them, as well as encourages cooperation between youth from the European countries. Special attention in the program is paid to involvement as well as initiatives of young people with fewer opportunities than their contemporaries. Further information on this program is available on:

LiJOT administers Eurodesk – the European youth portal in Lithuania. Eurodesk is based on information on financing programs to finance youth initiatives as well as mobility (studies, apprenticeship, employment, and voluntariness) in Europe. Information on other topics relevant for youth is included as well. Further information on this program is available on: