Ministry of Social Security and Labor

In Lithuanian the Ministry of Social Security and Labor together with the subordinate institutions, municipalities, social partners, non-governmental organizations, and such other institutions concerned implements a function that is important for every person – his work and social security.

The Ministry performs its mission with the view of the following main strategic objectives:

  • To balance the labor market, enhance flexibility and security thereof, improve qualification of employees and their abilities to adapt to the market changes;
  • To form the family-friendly environment, efficient social security, and active participation of communities in social activities, as well as ensure social integration of socially vulnerable population groups.

The Family Welfare Division of the Ministry has the Children and Youth Division with the following functions relevant to youth policy: coordinate the implementation of youth policy, perform national as well as international obligations in the field of youth policy; implement the measures attributed to the division’s competence relevant to the policy, implemented by the European Union, the European Council, and the United Nations, in the field of children’s rights protection and youth; coordinate the implementation of the state (handed over to municipalities) children and youth rights protection function.

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