Principles of activities of open youth centers / spaces

Since the forms of open work with youth may be various and vary continually, it is important to comprehend the key principles of such activities (institutions) and aspire after implementation thereof in practice.

  •  Promotion of self-created social relations and non-formal social networks (entering into and maintaining the relation, based on mutual trust, focusing on the “gangs”, social environment).
  • Involvement into the life world of youngsters (with a view to become the experts of youngsters and life situation thereof; help solving conflicts among youth; stand on motivating critical position).
  • Accommodation of available premises and use of available resources.
  • Promotion of flexible work forms (mobile work, etc.).
  • Equivalent cooperation with other institutions, especially with those that have dealings with the same youngsters.
  • Also cooperation between institutions without “competing” with each other in regard to offering the same activities.
  • Simplification of organization and administration of activities as well as payment system.